CIC Fellowship

Join the CIC Fellowship and Embrace a Vibrant, Inclusive Institution!

At the Chennai International Centre (CIC), we believe in the power of collective action and a shared commitment to the larger public cause. We welcome individuals who share our passion for fostering intellectual growth, cultural enrichment, and sustainable development to apply for CIC Fellowship.

As a CIC Fellow, you become an integral part of our dynamic community, comprising professionals, entrepreneurs, academicians, environmentalists, administrators, media persons, historians, and more. Together, we shape the economic, social, and political landscape of India.

Our ethos is rooted in openness and inclusivity. CIC Fellows generously choose to make their events accessible to others as a public service, providing valuable knowledge and insights to a wider audience.

By joining as a CIC Fellow, you align with the core values and vision of CIC. As we move forward, we aspire to implement projects that leave an enduring impact on Chennai and its people, contributing to the betterment of society.

Be a part of our transformative journey. Apply for CIC Fellowship today and enable the growth of a progressive and forward-thinking Institution dedicated to promoting the public good through private philanthropy. Together, we can create a brighter future for Chennai and beyond.